Our Instructors

Erlinda Lopez


erlinda-portrait-two-101121-0389-1-199x300Owner of Erlinda Yoga, currently specializing in Prenatal Yoga, Post Natal Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Yoga Australia Registered Teacher – Senior Level 2, 2008

My Passion and Approach

My passion is to offer a yoga class where my students can experience the physical, emotional mental and spiritual support which yoga offers. A yoga practice that allows them to move from pregnancy into motherhood with a sense of wellbeing, ease and grace. I am especially passionate about guiding my students in using the practices of yoga to develop self confidence and self belief so their birthing experience and early years of motherhood can be more comfortable and fulfilling.

My approach is gentle and nurturing; I believe in this time of such a fast pace of life it is paramount for a pregnant woman to take time to care for their pregnant body, rest the mind, and lift the spirit. This is to enable them to make the transition to motherhood mindfully, connecting with the strength and courage that can only come from their loving hearts.

Through the practices of yoga I guide you to nurture and bond with your little miracle of a baby before, during and after birth. I follow my “mum” heart as I guide you week by week to cultivate that unbreakable bond of love between you and your child.

I truly believe that the way we enter this world influences the rest of our lives; the more peacefully babies enter world, the more peaceful they, and our world, will be. The more I can share and support you through this is of great importance and personal satisfaction to me.

Inclusion of Partners

I am very enthusiastic about encouraging the mother-to-be to include her partner or support person during the birthing of her child, as this role is incredibly important and support partners are often as nervous as mums-to-be about what to expect! They need to be prepared and know how to best support a laboring partner.

Respecting your choices

I respect and support your choices and although I encourage you to prepare for a natural birth, you never really know how things will go, therefore cultivating acceptance of what is and what is not is an important part of what I like to teach. I believe it is all about being happy with your choices and not having regrets with the choices that you made, and feeling that you have done the best you could for you and your baby.

My classes

I like to facilitate small, intimate classes at my home studio, a space dedicated to yoga, where I can give you personalized attention, tailoring and adapting the practice to your individual needs.

I encourage a supportive non-judgmental space and I promote sharing of experiences, as I believe in learning from experiences rather than a book.

I plan my classes from an experienced and passionate “mum caring about mums” space, with humour and compassion we learn together. As a qualified secondary school teacher, I don’t just know about yoga, I know how to teach it too!!

Yoga Style/ Class Types

Prenatal Yoga including preparation for active birth, Post Natal Yoga including Mum and Baby Yoga, Restorative Yoga. My style of teaching is based on Hatha Yoga and the 8 limbs of yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

I don’t follow any particular tradition neither, do I belong to a particular linage or school. I encourage my students to be inquisitive and learn, being open to everything that can potentially bring benefit to their lives.


  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching – Australian Yoga Academy (500 hours).
  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Trained by Ana Davis at Baby Bliss Yoga (RPNYT). (100 hours)
  • Certified Relax Renew Restorative Yoga Trainer
  • I have also had the privilege in training with internationally known yoga teachers and authors Dona Farhi and Judith Hanson Lasater.