Erlinda Yoga - Croydon

Supporting women and families with love since 2008, Erlinda Yoga specializes in providing the wonderful benefits of tailored yoga for pregnancy and yoga after birth.

Bookings are essential for all sessions and programs. Contact Erlinda on 0433 964 247 or email

Forever grateful I had an 8 hour labour, with 40 minutes of pushing without a tear! The OB said the yoga taught me how to breathe and relax and release the baby. I used your yoga techniques the whole labour, I can’t thank you enough and will be seeing you for post natal classes.– Joanna
We welcomed a beautiful baby boy last night (Tuesday 12th April 2016) . I had him after being at the hospital for 1.5 – 2 hours. Natural birth no drugs, tearing or stitches!. I used all the breathing methods from your yoga classes, and kept calm and relaxed and went with the flow. Thank you again for your wonderful yoga which has allowed me to have 3 amazing births.– Kate
I had a baby boy, 6lb.10oz. natural birth 5 hours labour, with no drugs. Can’t thank you enough for everything you taught me. I used it all and it made me so confident in myself. Could not have done without your wisdom. Thanks again.– Brooke