Restorative Yoga Sessions

Yoga for Loving Kindness is the monthly restorative yoga session on offer for you at Erlinda Yoga.

This is a special class based on the wonderful “Restorative Yoga” style. In a friendly safe space your experienced instructor will guide you through a series of gentle supported yoga poses. Your body will be supported by using props to make you feel absolutely comfortable, enabling you to achieve deep rest and restoration.

Yoga for Loving Kindness is recommended if you are:

  • Experiencing tiredness and fatigue (new mums are welcome).
  • Suffering symptoms derived from lack of sleep or insomnia.
  • Needing to balance the nervous and endocrinal systems.
  • Looking to improve fertility.
  • Needing to release mental tensions, which are the result of excessive mental activity and worries.
  • Experiencing extreme tiredness and fatigue during pregnancy.
  • Or simply If you want to give yourself a treat, taking a small break from the business of life and enjoying the moment. A time for you to stop doing and just ”be”.
Class Details

Restorative Yoga session – Yoga for Loving Kindness –

Teacher: Erlinda (Certified Restore and Renew Yoga Instructor with Judith Hanson Lasater)

Small class, bookings are essential

Please see our timetable and pricing pages for further details.