Yoga After Birth – Postnatal Yoga Benefits

Taking care of your newborn is an exciting, exhausting, thrilling and scary time. New mums can be flooded with conflicting emotions as they try to manage all the physical, emotional and mental demands of motherhood. Once you become a mother, your obligations and priorities change. Although your body and mind need to recover from the time of pregnancy and the challenges of giving birth, you have to look after your child day and night. It’s easy for you to put your needs aside in the interest of your baby’s.

However, taking time for yourself to physically recuperate and de-stress your mind is essential for your wellbeing. If you take the time to respectfully care for yourself, taking care of your child and family will be easier.

Postnatal Yoga is specially tailored to allow for recovery after birth.
Attending to a weekly yoga class may be the only time in the week where you get to focus on your own needs. If you have not attended a yoga class before, postnatal yoga sessions at Erlinda Yoga will introduce you to this practice gently and progressively, honoring your needs as a new mum at all times.


Postnatal Yoga can…

  • Help you to re-balance your body, regain strength and stability.
  • Assist you to relax into motherhood, giving you tools to respond to the challenges of caring for your baby with ease.
  • Teach you to be gentle with yourself and your expectations, to be patient and appreciate your body after the amazing work it has done.

 Your body loves postnatal yoga because …

  • It will give you the gentle but effective physical workout you need to regain fitness and the mental release from the challenges and demands of being a new mum.
  • Shoulders, neck and hips are stretched and released, reducing back pain experienced from, carrying, attending and feeding the baby whether by breast or bottle.
  • It focuses on working your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles helping organs to move back into place. This is of paramount importance to prevent organ prolapse and the discomforts that come with it.
  • Yoga relaxation (Savasana) allows for resting of body and mind, alleviating tiredness and lack of sleep.
  • Regular yoga practice contributes to make you feel confident and fit.
Yoga After Birth – Postnatal Yoga programs at Erlinda Yoga

Yoga for mum and bub – 5 Week Program – one session per week.