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Prenatal Yoga

You have found out you are pregnant! Congratulations! You will be feeling so excited, blessed, scared, happy, uncertain and worried all at the same time; so much to do, so many decisions to be made, so many things to organize and take care of. Where to start?!!! A wonderful place to start is to embrace and be consciously aware of this wonderful journey of pregnancy!

Pregnancy brings enormous changes to your life, your body and your mind. Nowadays, more and more expectant mums are attending prenatal yoga sessions looking for support during pregnancy and the space and environment to prepare the mind and body for childbirth.

Why Prenatal Yoga?
  • Prenatal Yoga is a specialised area of yoga and one of the safest forms of exercise for pregnant women.
  • It is a holistic approach to exercise that includes physical stretching and strengthening, mental centring and breath awareness. This makes the practice of yoga during pregnancy ideal to prepare for labour and childbirth.
  • Yoga encourages relaxation, inward focus and deep breathing patterns; goals that are common in many types of childbirth preparation classes.
  • The practice of yoga helps relieve many of the common discomforts of pregnancy, such as lower back pain, hip instability, nausea, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches.
  • Yoga encourages pregnant women to be mindful of the body’s innate capacities to give birth naturally and to cultivate trust in the natural process of birth
  • Yoga practices also provide an amazing opportunity to bond heart to heart with the beautiful life growing inside of you!
Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Programs at Erlinda Yoga

Being a mum, I love teaching yoga to pregnant women; it is one of my favourite classes to teach and is my specialty. Sharing your journey and celebrating each milestone with you is very special to me, and something I am very respectful of. My classes are small and intimate, so that participants are comfortable to share any questions and concerns. I have had mums return to attend my classes for their second and third children, which is a wonderful experience to be part of.

I offer three different Pregnancy Programs to meet the needs of mums-to-be: