Yoga Tools for Active Birth

A private, 2 hour single session for pregnant women and their birth partner. My Prenatal Yoga 6 week Program is complemented by the Yoga Tools for Active Birth session. The session is recommended for women in their 3rd trimester and their birth partners.

It does not matter who your birth partner is, as long as it is someone close to you who wants to be there to assist and encourage you in a relaxed and well-prepared approach.

Every new mum looks forward to the joy and delight of meeting her child for the very first time. However, what can happen during labour and birth is unpredictable and can sometimes be more challenging than expected.

Whatever happens, your child’s birth should be a positive experience, one in which you feel in charge and able to make the best choices for you and your baby.


For you and your baby

  • With the presence and participation of your birth partner, your experience will be loving and supportive where you and your baby feel respected and honoured in your needs and choices at all times, no matter if you need medical assistance, pain relief, or a cesarean section.
  • The presence and support of your well-prepared birth partner, more often than not can shorten labour and facilitate the birthing process.
  • As the birth partner typically knows you and your needs/expectations intimately, he/she is the best advocate you can have for you and your baby.

For your birth partner

  • This is a very practical, hands-on brief course. Birth partners will learn simple tools and techniques that will allow them to effectively be there for you from pre-labour until you are back home with your baby. At the hospital’s prenatal classes your partner will probably only learn what is going to happen but in this session you partner will explore and learn what to do about it!
  • Knowing how they can facilitate and make an effective contribution to the process, birth partners feel confident in their supportive role.
  • Active participation in the birthing process gives them the opportunity to create an early bond with their newborn baby.
  • They can lovingly face the challenge with you as a new mum, enriching your relationship in unexpected and powerful ways.

Please Note

It is not only dads-to-be who will gain personal growth from this experience, but anyone who is your birth partner, be this your husband, your partner (male or female), your parent, your sibling or your friend (male or female). We encourage and support the involvement of any birth partner who wants to be there for you and your baby at this very special time.

Yoga Tools for Active Birth covers:

  • The stages of labour, partner support and participation.
  • How to use yoga techniques to help the labouring mother manage the discomfort/pain of labour, potentially shortening labour and easing the moment of birthing the baby.
  • Discussion and/or practice in active birth, yoga movements, positions and breathing.
  • Relaxation and meditation using breathing, imagery and affirmations to help the labouring mother. (Audio CD will be provided)
  • Safe massage and essential oils for labour.
  • How to deal with unexpected situations, accepting and moving forward. Focusing on what is important.
  • Creating an optimal birth environment.
  • Transitioning back home with your baby.

Class Details

Class: Yoga Tools for Active Birth (private 2 hour single session)

Day & Time: By appointment only. Personalized and intimate; one couple per session.

Please see our pricing page for further details.